Quickstart instructions for easy theme installation and configuration.

Download & Install

Once you've decided on a theme (or themes!), start the download process by clicking "Download" from the navbar of that page.

There are four primary file downloads available:

1. Compiled .css


The compiled.css file contains everything in one spot -- unminified -- for you to drop directly into an existing or new page.

To Install

Copy/paste the contents of this file directly between<style></style> tags (just before </head>) and you're done.

2. All


The zip file includes the Bootstrap 4 core files, the unminified theme.css , plusskin.scss, variables.scss and manifest.scss. Useful if you want to drop into a framework like Ruby on Rails.

To Install

Pick and choose the files from the zip you need for your application. Rails users can add themanifest.scss along with the bootstrap/theme files to quickstart an app.

3. _variables.scss


Overrides for Bootstrap 4 variables. Includes theme-specific SASS variables. Replace the default bootstrap-4/variables.css in your assets with this file.

4. _skin.scss


Overrides for Bootstrap 4 styling. Includes theme-specific SASS styling, must be imported AFTER Bootstrap 4 mixins/styling.